Missoula's only attendant on site overnight boarding facility.


Missoula Pet Au Pair is a high end boarding and daycare facility very conveniently located one block from the Southgate Mall, in midtown.  Our individualized care approach allows us to focus on the special needs of your pet.  Every dog is in daycare during the day, unless they'd prefer to stay in their suite.  We believe time away from home should be filled with fun, socialization, structure and companionship.  Our mission is to exceed your expectations!

Overnight care guests have the benefit of daycare and socialization tailored just for them! Whether in a playgroup with other dogs, or one-on-one play time, walks, or hikes, Missoula Pet Au Pair will create a great experience for each and every dog…... Your dog will love it here. 

Evaluation days and times are as follows, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays 7am to 1pm, and Thursday afternoons 3-6pm.  After you fill out your daycare profile online, please call to schedule your evaluation today! Please Note: When picking up on Sundays, since we are closed to the public, pick up times are 9am to 11am, and 5 pm to 6pm. Thank you!!

boarding options

Choose one of 5 suites and enjoy the privacy of your own 12x12 room.
Adding another dog to the same suite, is just $25!  Every suite includes:
• a full day of daycare!
• a full size toddler bed with orthopedic mattress and comfy bedding
• toys, food bowl and water bowl
• online viewing for your pet parents


Little Dog Kennels and Special Playgroup
Just for the little guys, under 30 pounds.  Mahogony and wire kennels, 36" x 42", memory foam lined and bolster beds.  We can include a potty tray in the kennel if necessary.  Adding another dog to the same kennel, is just $15!
 • a full day of daycare, either in the regular play yard/room, or in the Littles Room.
• toys, food bowl and water bowl
• online viewing for your pet parents

Secure Kennels
Choose one of 6 traditional kennel runs, 3'x6', outfitted with plastic grid flooring to elevate your dog above the cement floor. Adding another dog to the same kennel is just $15. (Please do not choose this option if your dog is not happy in a kennel.) Adding another dog to the same kennel, is just $15!
• a full day of daycare!
Plush 36" round beds with memory foam and 8 inches of plush fill.
• toys, food bowl and water bowl
• online viewing for your pet parents

MPAP Full Service
If you have a dog with severe separation anxiety, who simply can't be in a room or kennel by themselves, we offer the MPAP full service.  Your dog will board and sleep in the MPAP au Pairs room, with the au pair, and never be alone.
• a full day of daycare!
• a full size toddler bed with orthopedic mattress and comfy bedding
• toys, food bowl and water bowl
• concierge service from an MPAP Au Pair, with texts and pictures to your phone

Treats (optional service add-on) $4.00 each
We make sure your dog gets plenty of access to our stock of toys every day, because chewing and licking promote mental stimulation and calm behavior.
But if he/she would love to have a filled Kong (Chicken or Peanut Butter Kong Treat stuffin') or one of our MPAP special frozen filled Organic Kong (a blend of Organic Nancy's yogurt, no stir creamy Marantha peanut butter and local honey) let us know!

interested in boarding?

Missoula Pet Au Pair is committed to providing the best dog daycare and boarding experience in the Missoula area. This means we require that all of our clients comply with the following policies to ensure the health and safety of your pet and of our other guests.

Health and Initial Requirements:

• Initial behavior and personality evaluation
• Proof of adult dog vaccinations is REQUIRED (DHLP, Parvo, Rabies, Bordatella)
• Should be regularly treated for worms, and must be free of any contagious illness, parasites, or infections
• Tick/flea and heartworm control (such as Frontline)
• Puppies need to have all applicable puppy vaccinations, including Bordatella.
• We highly recommend that your dog be vaccinated annually for canine pneumonia and influenza
• Bordatella vaccine should be no less than 7 days on board, and fecal test must be within the last six months

Begin by completing our boarding and daycare profile to get the ball rolling. Every candidate is screened first to ensure everyone's happiness and safety. 

accept cash, personal checks, AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard. During the initial enrollment process, each dog owner must provide a valid credit card to be on file in order to treat your dog in case of an emergency.  

During holidays, either a deposit for 25% of the total boarding engagement cost must be placed for each dog, or a penalty of 100% applies for the entire boarding for cancellations of 24 hours or less.  For 72 hours or less, 100% of the first day, and then 40% of the remaining boarding must be paid for any holiday cancellation less than 72 hours prior to the start of the engagement.   If a deposit is made, it can be applied to the balance when full payment is made when the dog is picked up.

Please note, on departing days, daycare will not be charged for pick ups by 11:00am, and will be calculated at 1/2 day charged for pickups by 3:00pm, and a full day charged for pickups by close of day.

If picking up on a Sunday from boarding, our pick up times are 9am to 11am, or 5pm-6pm.